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This is a community for posting pictures of Rodney McKay of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, or the actor who plays him (David Hewlett), with the intention of there being at least a pic a day (hence the 'daily' :))

And if you like SG: Atlantis, you might also be interested in sheppard_daily, which is where we get our daily dose of John Sheppard.


i) all members can post pictures

ii) all posts must contain a picture of either Rodney McKay or David Hewlett

iii) please use LJ-cuts if posting either large pictures or more than one picture in a post. One picture can remain outside of the cut, if it's small enough not to mess up people's friends pages.

iv) please LJ-cut any pictures that feature nudity or adult themes, and mark these clearly.

v) no hotlinking (i.e. posting pictures hosted on other people's sites without permission). This is because webmasters pay for the bandwidth for their sites, and by doing that you're costing other fans money, which is just not cool and will get your post removed.

Please either post the picture to your own webspace, to pics.livejournal.com under your account or to a free image hosting service, such as photobucket. If you have a picture and genuinely have no place to put it, please talk to one of the mods, alyse or munchkinott and we'll do our best to help you.

vi) If you've got the image from a site rather than capping your own, please give due credit to the site you got it from (not least so that we can all go along and squee over the other pictures they have)

Have fun!

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