Aquila Tal (seagull2eagle) wrote in mckay_daily,
Aquila Tal

Blackjack in Hotzone

21 more from Hotzone, all McKay this time. Theme of Watching in Angst...

Death the First

"This is bad..."

Death the Second

Out of the Corner of my Eye,
Something Wicked this Way Comes

But it's not there... Is it?

Very Much There! (sequence trio)

Others are Watching You

Facing Truths (a sequence set)

Death the Third -- "It's not REAL" (don't die...)

A plan... no more will die...

It didn't work?

It's in Sheppard's Hands now.

Waiting alone.

Woobie Relief!

It Worked.

As per usual, feel free to snag any if inclined. ^^

(yes, I skipped his own waiting to die -- that'll be another post ^^ )

And yes, I'm sorry, I haven't replied to comments yet -- busy day at work! And then I thought you'd rather have more caps than replies before I went to bed tonight... ;D
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